Hi, my name is Leif Maginnis and welcome to Pet Polygon. Most items ship in 4-5 business days. Custom orders can take several weeks depending on the order. If you have a question or custom order request please shoot me an email. 

Hand made high quality geometric forms are my specialty. All products listed here are made in my shop here in Los Angeles. A lot of precision and involved finishing processes are required to make many of these forms. After making many process videos people began inquiring about purchasing my creations so I made a store. My background is in design and fabrication, I worked in the TV and film industry for years making sets and special props. I then studied industrial design and later moved to Los Angeles where I spent 10 years working at Otis College and Southern California Institute of Architecture. At these colleges, I worked as a tech in the metal shop and woodshop further refining my own skills and working with students on various unusual projects.

Links to my other work:

Process Videos

Light Art


TV/Film work